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What are the things that a tummy tuck can do? Women who have given birth wonder if tummy tuck for stretch marks works. This article will tackle if a tummy tuck procedure can help a person remove stretch marks, and how this type of plastic surgery can help.


Tummy tuck for stretch marks

It is possible to wave goodbye to the stretch marks that make women feel literally self-conscious and uncomfortable with their own skin. However, there is a good and bad side to using a tummy tuck procedure to get rid of stretch marks.

A tummy tuck removes excess skin

Take note that a tummy tuck focuses on removing excess skin and fat around the abdomen area. A tummy tuck procedure may not be able to eliminate all the stretch marks, but this plastic surgery will be able to get rid of the stretch marks located on the abdomen, especially those underneath the belly button.

Most women have stretch marks under their belly button

Luckily, most women have stretch marks located in the area where the tummy tuck procedure is performed. Most women will have most of their worst stretch marks in their abdomen, tummy tuck for stretch marksunderneath the belly button. If the sagging skin in that area is removed, the unsightly stretch marks that there will go with it.

The downside

There are some women who have stretch marks that extend beyond the area below the belly button. Women who had more then one baby, or had unusually large bellies during pregnancy will be likely to have more stretch marks that the tummy tuck procedure cannot remove. Most of these stretch marks will be located on the women’s’ backs and sides.

Talk to your surgeon

While the stretch marks that are not located on the abdomen may not be removed with a tummy tuck procedure, there may be other options available to you to target this problem. It is best ti talk with your surgeon to see which plastic surgery techniques can be used for your stretch marks.

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