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What are some tummy tuck recovery tips that are effective? What are the things one has to watch out for as they recover from a tummy tuck surgery? This article will talk about the recovery time from a tummy tuck procedure, what to expect and tips to help your tummy tuck heal properly.


Tummy Tuck Procedure Healing Process

The time it usually takes for a person to recover from a tummy tuck procedure is around eight weeks. The surgical site will be numb for around that amount of time as well, right after the surgery. You need not worry about that, as it is normal for most people to only regain feeling in their abdomen area after around eight weeks.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

If you have just had a tummy tuck, or are considering having the surgery done, here are some tips that can help you get through the healing process more easily.


It Is Different For Everybody

The first thing you need to realize is that the healing process of a tummy tuck procedure is unique to each individual. There are no two people who have the same experience when it comes to surgical procedures, especially when it comes to tummy tuck surgery. Play everything by ear.

Do Not Exert Too Much Effort

It is important to note that you shouldn’t exert yourself too much while you are in the recovery period. This is especially true for the first few weeks of the healing process. Your surgeon will give you the go-signal for when your body will be ready to go back to normal activities after the surgery.tummy tuck recovery tips

Keep Moving

Although you should not exert yourself too much, it is also important for you to stay active on a certain level. Take walks, do chores and other things that do not let you exert maximum effort but will have you moving around. It is crucial for the healing process of your surgical wound that you keep moving as your body heals from the surgery.

Expect To Have A Hard Time Sitting Up

Since the excess skin and flab will be surgically removed from your body, it will be expected that your abdomen will not be able to sit up straight right after the surgery. You will be able to sit up in your usual posture after around eight weeks when your incision will have healed.

Listen To Your Surgeon

Your surgeon will give you a set of specific instructions as to how you should handle the healing process. This will serve as your regimen right after the surgery. It will contain the food you should eat, and what food you should avoid to make sure that your surgical would heals properly. These instructions will also give you advise as to what kind of activities you will be allowed to you as you recover, and when you should see your doctor again next. Lastly, the surgeon will tell you how to handle the pain that will accompany the recovery time after a tummy tuck surgery.

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