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Everyone is entitled to feel and look good about themselves. People who maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right balance of proper diet and regular exercise deserve to get the body form and figure that they are dreaming of. But unfortunately, they too cannot be exempted from having stubborn excess fat located in common problem areas like the abdomen and thighs. They do not have to worry for so long, though, because there is now a combination of abdominoplasty and lipectomy to help them solve their body issues. Let us learn more about this effective fat removal combination surgery.


Abdominoplasty and Lipectomy: Are they different from each other?

Abdominoplasty and lipectomy are separate plastic surgery procedures that target the removal of excess fat in the body. Abdominoplasty, the more popular one, is the surgical procedure that eliminates excess abdominal skin and fat, and may even tighten loose or stretched out abdominal muscles. This is what is also famously known as a tummy tuck. Lipectomy, most commonly termed as thigh or buttock lift, is the surgical removal of fat from different parts of the body particularly the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Combining these two individually successful cosmetic surgery procedures would give you what they call belt lipectomy or circumferential abdominoplasty.


abdominoplasty-and-lipectomy-melbourneAbdominoplasty and Lipectomy: How is it different from other tummy tuck techniques?

It is different because of the amount and location of the excess body fat to be removed. Please take note of the term excess – our goal is not to make the body fat-free, but only to remove stubborn fats that affect the contour of the body.

The combination of abdominoplasty and lipectomy is different because tummy tucks, no matter the type, only affect the abdominal area.  With belt lipectomy or circumferential abdominoplasty, the need to remove excess fats extends not only along the abdominal and back area but also along the thigh and buttock areas.


Abdominoplasty and Lipectomy: How is this surgical combination performed?

Abdominoplasty and lipectomy may be different to some extent in terms of the amount and location of fats to be removed. The procedure it follows may be familiar with abdominoplasty but with a twist. Under general anaesthesia, traditional abdominoplasty gets performed first. Excess fat and skin in the upper and lower abdomen get removed, and the navel gets repositioned to accommodate the new shape and contour of the belly. The incision/scar is then extended circumferentially around the posterior waistline over the upper buttock to provide elevation of sagging outer hips and buttock tissues. Buttock contouring procedures are commonly simultaneously incorporated to provide more projection and shape, and the result can give dramatic changes in body shape and contour. The abdominal muscles are also stitched together to tighten them and give your belly a flatter, more toned appearance and function. Skin flaps are made after the reduction and incisions are sutured, and placement of drains to facilitate excess fluid drainage as the wounds heal ends the surgery.


Abdominoplasty and Lipectomy: How much is it?

As we all know, the complexity of a plastic surgery procedure also affects its cost. So if you are planning to undergo circumferential abdominoplasty or belt lipectomy, you have to prepare a significant amount of money to compensate for this extensive surgery. Traditional abdominoplasty cost would range from $8000 to $13000, and it varies based on where in Australia you would want to avail the procedure. Lipectomy, on the other hand, has a price estimate that ranges from $6000 to $8000. Combining these two procedures can reach a price tag of $10000 to $17000.  This rough quotation may be very costly, but if done right, the payback and results of this cosmetic innovation can really have a major impact in your body contour and silhouette.


There are many ways to improve the size and shape of a person’s body. From nonsurgical means to more invasive surgical procedures, their primary goal is to make you feel and look good. Discuss your body issues with your plastic surgeon so he can help you understand your body more and find ways on how to achieve your body goals through the help of plastic surgery.

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