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You’ve done everything you could – you’ve exercised, dieted, and even applied fat burning creams and lotions, but your excess belly fat just won’t seem to go away! And worse, an excess skin lies sagging with it, making your belly look wrinkly and old. If you are really bothered by how your tummy looks and want to bring back the flatter abs you had before, then a mini tummy tuck may be the answer.


What is a mini tummy tuck?

A mini tummy tuck is the ‘smaller and simpler’ version of the traditional abdominoplasty. It only requires a horizontal incision along the bikini line (same as the one you have with C-section) to remove the excess fat and skin around the lower abdomen.


Who can be candidates for a mini tummy tuck?

This tummy tuck option targets the stubborn fat hanging below your belly button and giving you that muffin top whenever you wear body-fitting jeans. If you have essentially flat and toned abs but still has a small amount of excess skin and fat around the lower abdomen, you may be a good candidate for this procedure.


Who cannot benefit from a mini tummy tuck?

If your excess fat and skin affect the whole of your tummy, or your doctor determines a large volume of fat needs to be removed from your abdomen, this procedure may do little for that. You may want to consider the traditional or extended tummy tuck procedure.


If you want to lose weight and you think a tummy tuck will do it for you, you are wrong. Tummy tucks are not intended for weight loss, as it will only slightly affect your weight from the small amount of stubborn fat and skin that you want to remove. It is still best to consult your doctor on what other ways could help you lose weight.


If you are considering getting pregnant, you may want to postpone your mini tummy tuck until you have given birth. Pregnancy stretches the skin and abdominal muscles to accommodate you carrying your child, so having the mini tummy tuck before getting pregnant will make the procedure useless.


How is a mini tummy tuck performed?

As mentioned earlier, under general anaesthesia, your surgeon makes a horizontal incision along your bikini line. This procedure usually gets combined with liposuction, so a small to moderate amount of fat gets removed, and slightly weak lower abdominal muscles get tightened up by stitching them together. Excess skin gets removed, and the incision gets sutured. The belly button retains its position, unlike the traditional tummy tuck where your belly undergoes a major transformation that your navel has to be repositioned. This procedure can take 1-2 hours to complete. And by the end of the month, you may return back to your regular activities and enjoy the look and feel of your flatter, firmer, and more toned abs!



Now that you know how a mini tummy tuck works and its benefits, you may want to consider this abdominoplasty option if you think you could be a good candidate. Discuss your concerns with your trusted plastic surgeon so he can better guide you on what cosmetic procedure can suit your needs best.

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