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We all know that plastic surgery, whether reconstructive or cosmetic in nature, can involve a very high cost in Australia. Here, let us tackle what the tummy tuck cost in Australia is, what these expenses include, and what factors affect its overall value.


Tummy tuck cost: How much is it?

There is no specific price listing for an abdominoplasty procedure in Australia. A law prohibits medical practitioners and facilities to advertise price ranges for specific surgical procedures that would not include all other additional expenses, so it would be hard for an interested party to prepare a budget allowance ahead of time. However, it is safe to say that the typical tummy tuck cost in Australia, based on patient surveys and comments online, would range from $4000 to $15000, and would average at $8950. This is a very rough price estimate, so let us help you break down the components of your tummy tuck cost.



Tummy tuck cost: What does it involve?

An estimated tummy tuck cost can depend on these factors:

The surgeon. Your doctor’s expertise can warrant him to charge a higher fee than new surgeons. Likewise, if you opt to undergo the procedure with a cosmetic surgeon, who is a general practitioner performing cosmetic surgery, the charges he requires you to pay may be lower. When choosing the plastic surgeon or doctor to perform your tummy tuck, do not forget to prioritise your safety.


The anaesthesia. Depending on the extent or type of abdominoplasty you would undergo, local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia may be utilised. It also depends on the kind of anaesthesia whether a nurse anaesthetist or an anaesthesiologist needs to be present during your surgery. Moreover, the type of specialist who monitors your anaesthesia and vital signs during the operation can affect your tummy tuck cost, since an anaesthesiologist is a specialist doctor who may require a higher fee than a certified registered nurse anaesthetist (CRNA).

The medical tests. Your surgeon may require you to submit medical and diagnostic tests prior to the procedure. The results of these tests will serve as the baseline information of your overall general health. These results will also show if you are indeed a good candidate for the tummy tuck procedure. Your surgeon may also request post-operative tests to determine your general health condition post-surgery.

The surgical materials. Surgical garments needed to support and protect the abdomen after the procedure including a surgical abdominal binder, compression bandages, and others may also affect your tummy tuck cost.

The medication. Post-operative medications for pain and prevention of infection need to be prescribed to ensure your rapid and smooth recovery. They also help in making you feel comfortable while recovering from the surgery.


These factors are all essential in determining the exact tummy tuck cost you need to prepare for. Discuss your financial concerns with your doctor so he can guide you accurately around your abdominoplasty’s expenses. He may also offer you payment plans to make your surgical finances convenient and affordable.

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