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Life is not perfect, but we normally make the most out of what we have. However, some people don’t seem to feel the satisfaction of just accepting what they have and persist in finding ways to improve. For instance, women who were once pregnant would not want their body to just take a hit and not do anything about it. Their body shape may have changed due to the weight they have gained during the pregnancy,  so they resort to having a tummy tuck procedure to bring back their pre-motherhood shape. Likewise, health buffs who were once obese would want to optimise their overall body transformation so much so that they want their abs to be fully toned and firm rather than have flabby skin as souvenirs from their old eating and lifestyle habits. These people have reasonable and valid reasons why they would opt to undergo abdominoplasty, but they first have to understand some facts about the tummy tuck procedure.


Six things you need to know before getting a tummy tuck procedure


1. Abdominoplasty would not make you lose weight

It is true that abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck procedure, may remove excess skin, fats, and abdominal tissue to make your abdomen look flat and lean. However, the amount to be removed would only account for a small percentage of body weight loss. It is then recommended for patients to wait until they reach their body weight goal before undergoing the said procedure so that your expectations about the efficiency and success of the surgery would not be tainted by wrongful ideas and misconceptions.


2. The types of tummy tuck procedures differtummy tuck and losing weight

And by types, we mean scars. There are two main approaches that a surgeon can use to perform the tummy tuck procedure.

The traditional one involves a horizontal incision along your belt or pubic line and another around your navel to release your belly button. Your surgeon removes the excess skin, fat, and tissue underneath, then tightens the abdominal muscles including their connective tissues. He will then reposition your belly button to adjust to the new shape of your abs, the close the sutures to finish the surgery.

There is also what partial abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a mini tummy tuck surgery. This entails a smaller horizontal incision along your bikini line. This is intended for patients who only have minimal loose skin and fats below the navel. Because the incision is smaller, less manipulation and contouring will be performed and guaranteed. Talk to your surgeon about how to choose between the two so that he can recommend the better option based on his comprehensive examination of your need and preference.


3. A tummy tuck procedure is expensive

tummy tuck costThere is no denying that cosmetic surgery is expensive. even other ways of perfecting the body silhouette and contour are costly. And because of this, it is safe to say that abdominoplasty is no different. In the States, you can expect that the estimated average cost of a tummy tuck surgery is at least $6000, and that can still vary depending on your surgeon’s expertise and reputation, the complexity of your condition, the geographic location where you want your surgery to take place, and many other factors. Also, because a tummy tuck procedure is more often than not purely aesthetic or cosmetic in nature, your insurance policy would not cover it as it is not deemed medically necessary. So for you to undergo such operation, you would have to pay for the expenses out of your own pocket. Discuss with your surgeon about your financial capacities and what he can do to help you with this concern.


4. You have to choose the best surgeon

It is not just about the popularity of the surgeon that you should be looking for. A reputable surgeon should have the experience and the certification that is needed to ensure that he is really capable of performing a tummy tuck procedure seamlessly. Plastic surgeons are already certified medical doctors that specialise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. They are more reliable than general doctors who claim to be cosmetic surgeons. In fact, as long as you are a licensed doctor, you are allowed to practice cosmetic surgery, even though you are not registered or trained to do so. Before choosing the best surgeon for you, inquire about their certifications related associations, and membership to medical societies so you can be sure that they are indeed capable of giving you the appropriate and efficient tummy tuck procedure that you need.


tummy tuck surgery

5. You may need additional cosmetic surgery procedures

Sometimes, your plastic surgeon may recommend undergoing a tummy tuck procedure with other cosmetic surgery options like liposuction or breast augmentation, reduction, or lift. Do not think that they are only scamming you. Let them explain the reason why it would be beneficial for you to undergo additional surgeries so you can maximise the body improvements that you can achieve with abdominoplasty. For instance, combining liposuction with a tummy tuck procedure optimises the fat removal from your abdomen, making the contouring and firming of your abs more effective.



6. Recovering from a tummy tuck procedure may be burdensome

For the first few weeks, of course. One should not forget the fact that while a tummy tuck procedure is a cosmetic surgery option, it is still considered a major operation and entails the use of general anaesthesia. This means that your body may still have the effects of this numbing medication for the first two days. Also, the affected area is in a position that greatly affects your posture and movement. With that said, it is imperative that before undergoing the procedure, you should ensure that someone is available to assist you in performing household chores and even daily self activities. For instance, after discharge, you are expected to be driven home by someone other than yourself, and you are also required to spend the first few days on bed rest to give your body time to adjust and recuperate. A gradual increase in activity and movements is expected as time passes, but until then, have someone accompany you at home for the first few weeks to ensure your comfort and hassle-free recovery.

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