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If you have been struggling to find the best deals for your tummy tuck surgery, there is an option for you to go abroad and get it from there. For instance, the tummy tuck Thailand offers is seemingly too irresistible to pass up. We, here at Dr. Tummy Tuck Melbourne, are more than willing to give you detailed information about abdominoplasty in general, the procedure, and what you can expect about the surgery and the cost of tummy tuck in Thailand.


The basics of tummy tuck surgery

Before considering the tummy tuck Thailand has to offer, let us get general information about tummy tuck surgery. Having the medical term of abdominoplasty, which literally means restoration or repair (-plasty) of the abdomen, tummy tucks are one of the most common and sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. It basically removes unwanted and stubborn abdominal fats and excess skin and tissue from the abdomen to make it flatter. It can also strengthen your abdominal muscles by tightening the lax muscles and making the newly-shaped tummy look firmer.


Tummy tuck procedure

The surgical methods of performing the tummy tuck depending on the type and extent of change that a patient requires.

extended tummy tuckFor full abdominoplasty, it is the surgical removal of abdominal fats and tissues from the whole abdomen. A horizontal incision from hip to hip is required as well as a circular incision surrounding the navel so the surgeon can reposition after sculpting your abs.

For a mini tummy tuck, limited removal of excess flabby skin and fats are made below the navel. This type only requires a shorter horizontal incision that could make the fat and skin accessible for removal.

For extended abdominoplasty, longer and wider access to the abdomen, flank, and thighs are needed to complete the procedure. This type is recommended if you want you to have a remarkable amount of excess fats and skin on the abdomen as well as your thighs. This fully contours the middle part of your body, but would also require the longest recovery period.


Tummy Tuck in Thailand

We have mentioned earlier that tummy tuck surgery is indeed one of the top 10 most requested cosmetic surgery in the whole world, so it is possible that this procedure is being performed in any country, right? It definitely is being performed here in Australia, so why are there so many of us who would rather go abroad and get it from there? For instance, why would some prefer a tummy tuck Thailand offers than the one we have at home?


The Tummy Tuck Thailand offers is affordable

We all know the notorious reputation of plastic surgery procedures in Australia as being significantly expensive. Tummy tucks are not an exception. You can expect that cosmetic surgery clinics and professionals would charge you anywhere between $6000 to $15000 for a single procedure. So, you can just imagine how happy and hopeful Aussies felt when they realise that the tummy tuck Thailand offers is technically the same as ours, but is remarkably more affordable. According to Destination Beauty, you can expect that the cost of tummy tuck in Thailand may range from $5000 to $8000 only! That also may include your hotel and hospital accommodation and other extra charges. Totally worth the price, right?


The surgeons that perform a tummy tuck in Thailand are experts

Thailand, as one of the countries that support medical tourism, is proud of the accomplishments and accolades that their doctors have received over the years. Most Thai plastic surgeons who perform procedures like tummy tucks have trained in western countries like the US and UK, practically putting them on the same level of expertise with American or British doctors.


The combination of beauty transformation while on vacation is enticing

Imagine getting your beauty transformation by going to a tropical country boasting with scenic views, pristine beaches, and exotic tourist locations rich in culture and heritage. What a combination, right? Not only did you get the body that you have been dreaming of in a world-class Thai hospital, but you also had a special holiday vacation to come with it.


Just a few reminders about tummy tuck in Thailand

You may think that going to Thailand is the best decision to get your abdominoplasty, right? Well, we do not want to discriminate and make the decision for you. But we would just like to remind you of some very important points that could make you double-check or triple-check your decision in embracing medical tourism.


Do you know your surgeon?

Were you personally introduced? Do you know his accreditations and certifications? Is he recognised by an international association for plastic surgery? These questions can validate his reliability and accountability in making sure that your tummy tuck surgery is a safe experience for you.


Have you checked the location where your surgery will take place?

tummy tuck in Thailand

Preparing for the worst thing that could happen is definitely not an exaggeration when it comes to tummy tuck surgeries. The hospital or clinic where you will undergo your operation should be well-equipped should there be an emergency during or after your procedure.


If you are having doubts about undergoing your tummy tuck in Thailand, maybe it is just right that you settle for the convenience and safety of our own abdominoplasty procedure here at home. We at Dr. Tummy Tuck Melbourne are willing to discuss with you the different options that you can have to reach your body goals. All you have to do is contact us right now at (03) 9068 5239 for more details.

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